Founded in june 18th 2001 by the Prof. João Bosco Stecca, the Orquestra Comunitária da Unicamp (Unicamp Communitary Orchestra), is a scholl orchestra for socio-cultural college extension, which offers tocomunity from 13 up to oldhood, mainly the poor persons, the opportunity to play a synphonic orchestra instrument, play in group, disclose and perform compositions and arranjements of brazilian composers, mainly those not known by the public. Encourage pupil to act as soloists and express through music.
The Orchestra participates the Sant’Anna Gomes Research Project (an important brazilian composer), performing compositions recovered from Gomes family, from Campinas, São Pauo, Brazil.
How all this began
In the second half of 2000, Mrs. Maria Olímpia Savioli, from Jaguariúna, São Paulo, close to Campinas, came to us with a history. After 30 years keeping her violin in the case, option made so to raise the sons, she was decided to resume studies of the violin. Her history touched Maestro João Stecca deep in the heart. He, so, indicated a professor, in order she could return to the instrument. The next day she came back and she was not alone. She brought a lot of pupils in an van full of people.
Coinscidentlly, there was in the University a list or persons over 25 years, who wanted to to learn an orchestra instrument, but due to age, did not fit in the orchestras already in existing in the University.

It was then Prof. Stecca adviced the NIDIC coordinator, Prof. Paulo Justi, which touchy to the situation, opened the doors to the opportunity and supported the foundation of the Orchestra.

The first violin voluntary professor was Arthur Achiles Gonçalves, currently Administrative Director for the Municipal Symphonic Orchestra in Campinas. This was the first sketch of what became the current Unicamp Communitary Orchestra, in june 2001.
The string instruments soon could count on Mrs. Elazir Martins de Lima, over 66 years of experience and our spalla. After this, came the cello and bass groups, supporte by Prof. Meila Tomé and Walter Valentini.
Other professors came to participate the project along these years: Ana Chioquette, Érico Amaral Junior, Ivan Lopes Bueno, Daniel Pinto Lessa, e Artur Huf. Today the viola and violin professor is Prof. Walter Finatto Ansante, one of the spallas or the Municipal Symphonic Orchestra in Campinas.
Due to be considered a model orchestra inside the university, since 2005 the Unicampo Communitary Orchestra began to train interns in the las year of regency course in Music Departament.