Each one is responsible

Orquestra Comunitária da Unicamp (Unicamp Communitary Orchestra), is a realization made possible due to the effort of each person in this orchestra. People which desire to be in contact with wonderful quality music, and make good friends.

Behind our well successful trajectory, along these five years, there are people interested in develop themselves and give others the opportunity to do the same. All, no exception made, since the conductor to teatcher, friends and the fresh participants, are responsible for the survival of the group.

Orquestra Comunitária da Unicamp performs an ecletical repertoire, primarilly addressed to brazilian pieces and abroad, but unknown of the public. The idea is to work and musically train the community and in addition offer good quality amusiment.

State Campinas University - Unicamp
Prof. Dr. José Tadeu Jorge
Prof. Dr. Fernando Costa
Prof. Dr. Jorge Ruben
Biton Tapia
Coordinator - COCEN
Prof. Dr. Silvio Ferraz
Mello Filho
Coordinator- NIDIC
Orquestra de Flautas

Flute Orchestra

Cultural Support
and Sponsors

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