Each one is responsible

Unicamp Community Orchestra Extension Project, belonging to the Dean of Extension and Community Affair - PREAC, formed by Unicamp Community Orchestra and the Unicamp Flutes Orchestra is a realization only possible due to the effort of each individual of these orchestras, people that want to be in touch with the quality music and make good friends.

Behind our successful track record, since 2001, there are people interested in developing themselves and then give others the opportunity to do the same. All, without exception, from the conductor, guest conductors, teachers, friends and even the youngest participants, are responsible for the group's survival.

The orchestras perform an eclectic repertoire, mainly geared to Brazilian and international parts unknown to the public. The idea is to work, grow and prepare musically, serve the community and have fun as well.

Orquestra de Flautas

Unicamp Flute Orchestra

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